Working in collaboration with BRE, Carillion Energy Services and other key partners, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is set to launch S-IMPLER, a new research and demonstration project designed to help the refurbishment sector achieve effective and economical retrofit of insulation in solid wall homes.

Supported by the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, the S-IMPLER Project, "Solid Wall Innovative Insulation and Monitoring Processes using Lean Energy Efficient Retrofit", aims to achieve a 60% reduction in monitored energy costs of 1970s solid wall homes. The three year project will demonstrate how retrofit work can be carried out with less disruption and completed at least 10% faster compared to current solutions, with no impact on quality and safety.

The No-Fines Homes


S-IMPLER will focus on the specific type of solid walls 'No-fines' homes of which there are some 5,000 in Northern Ireland and 300,000 in the UK. Initially being trialled on seven NIHE homes, the outcomes of the project will have relevance for many of the UK's 6.9m solid wall homes.