CALIBRE is a site-based efficiency and performance measurement tool.

It diagnoses and quantifies ‘waste' in man hours of non-added-value time, identifying who is carrying out work on site; what they are doing; where, when and for how long.

In addition, activity sampling determines the efficiency of the process and identifies delays and other non-added value activities. Up to 30 per cent of time spent on site can be identified as waste, either double handling of materials, rework due to design or work methods, supply chain issues or incorrect programming. CALIBRE seeks to drive this out by capturing data on performance; setting and measuring against benchmarks; and quantifying where improvements can be made.

CALIBRE is used as part of a suite tools with SMARTAudit (part of the SMARTWaste system) that measures material waste. Together the tools provide a detailed site-based system of measuring waste in its different forms.

Further information

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