S-IMPLER (Solid Wall Innovative Insulation and Monitoring Processes using Lean Energy Efficient Retrofit) aims to develop a solution to the insulation of solid walls in the UK that is more cost effective than current solutions with minimal occupant disruption. Working with NIHE, S-IMPLER will focus on a specific type of solid wall house, 'No-Fines’ homes, of which there are approx 5,000 in NI (300,000 in UK). The outcomes of S-IMPLER will relevant to many of the UK’s 6.9m solid walled homes. Using lean and collaborative improvement techniques, S-IMPLER will integrate several innovations into a single attractive commercial proposition which will be trialled on seven NIHE homes.

  • S-IMPLER Objectives

    The overall project objectives will be to:
    - Develop retrofit solutions for seven NIHE solid walled homes that can make a 60% reduction in monitored energy costs for the same capital cost as Northern Ireland Building Regulations
    - Deliver the retrofit process 10% faster with less disruption but without reductions in quality and safety.
    - Develop innovation in surveying and specification including a surveying tool and a Building Information Modelling tool to allow client modelling of different options with costs and benefits.
    - Develop a whole house monitoring system to assess real energy performance before and after energy monitoring
    - Undertake forensic performance analysis of the homes before and after improvements have been made.


    Supplier Selection Process

    Pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ): Potential suppliers and installers were invited to complete a PQQ so that the project consortium could gain an understanding of the relevant experiences that could be brought to the project.

    Assessment workshops: Suppliers and installers who were successful in the PQQ stage were invited to an assessment workshop held in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

    Short-listing: Suppliers and installers who were successful in the assessment workshops were then short-listed allowing further technical, commercial and lean assessments to take place and the final suppliers and installers were selected.

  • Measurement and Assessment